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Student Scholarship Design Competition 2016-2017

The details for this year's Student Scholarship Design Competition have been finalized.

The Theme: FIRE & ICE


To design an electrical powered luminaire that incorpates fire and ice as a theme.  For this design contest, consider these elements as opposing forces, opposing energies, or as two things that would not likely co-exist.  Reconcile this conflict into your design. The light source must be powered by electricity.  There is no restriction on lamp type, wattage, or voltage.  The objective is to design an aestheticlaly pleasing and functional luminaire.

Subject of Design:

The luminaire should be able to be used in an architectural space. It should be a single fixture, not a large or complex installation. The mounting can range from ceiling mount, recessed, pendant, wall mount or be a portable fixture.


All submissions will be judged by a multidisciplinary panel of experts in the fields of lighting design, luminaire design, architecture and/or engineering and manufacturing/marketing. 

All Criteria and Submission requirements and entry form can be found in here.